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CNG Burners
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NF Series Dual Fuel Burner

  • Design to give Maintenance free operation
  • Suitable for Heavy oil, Light oil and Gas
  • Suitable for Forging Furnace, H.T. Furnace Ceramic Kiln etc

Burner Size NF-3 NF-4 NF-5
At 38” W.G. Air Pressure* 15LPH 20LPH 35LPH

Producer Gas Cum Oil Burner

It can handle Producer Gas & Furnace Oil,Light diesel oil.You can switch over to any fuel withn minutes without changing any part of burner.

Model no NPO-2 NPO-3 NPO-3A NPO-4 NPO-4A NPO-5 NPO-5A NPO-6
Oil capacity in LPH 10 15 25 35 60 70 102 135

Heavy Capacity Oil Cum Gas Burner

This is heavy capacity LPG/ natural gas Cum oil burner.Capacity from 10,00,000 Kcal/hr to 40,00,000Kcal/hr.It can be used for LPG,Natural Gas and heavy or ligth oil.It is suitable for Rolling Mill Furnacs & Boilers etc

Model no NGO-8 NGO-9 NGO-10 NGO-11 NGO-12 NGO-13 NGO-14
Oil capacity in LPH 100 150 200 250 300 350 400

Dual Fuel Burner

  • Suitable for LPG/natural gas or light and heavy oil
  • Suitable for high and low temp application.
  • Very easy for maintenance and give long life because of stainless steel inner parts.
  • Suitable for ceremic kilns, H.T. Furnaces, air heaters, ovens etc.

Model no NGO-2 NGO-3 NGO-4 NGO-5 NGO-6 NGO-7 NGO-7A
Oil capacity in LPH 6 9 15 25 40 70 85

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